Yesterday was one of those days where it was like I LOVE LIFE. Don’t you love those days where it reminds you to appreciate everything good and awesome you have going on?

Which is kind of funny because I spent most of my day in a classroom in Midtown Manhattan learning all about CPR, First Aid and AED. But this is the last step in obtaining my running coach certification… wahoo! 🙂

And then I finished off my afternoon by heading to the Lululemon Meatpacking District store for a quick photo shoot with my fav Erin. She asked me to model for their September newsletter — how awesome is that!?

Totally loving this new raincoat that Lulu released…

…seriously, I need it. It is SO comfortable and awesome. Who wants to buy it for me?! 🙂

Speaking of Lulu, I’m leading a run at the Meatpacking District store tonight!

Come join me if you can! See you there 🙂


Since I was a big slacker yesterday, this morning I had my 10 miler on deck with some sprints in between. Whoever created the idea of running 10 miles WITH sprints is a little insane. It was a tough workout that left my legs a little jello-y at the end.


Only makes you stronger, right?

I finished it up with a quick arm workout because I have been slacking and my arms desperately need some help. I did three sets of 12 each for kettlebell lifts and tricep dips and finished it off with 10 push ups (weak sauce).

C was telling me last night about some insane dips where you elevate your feet… and then dip. Has anyone does these? I am a little nervous to try them when I’m home alone because we all know klutzy could be my middle name.

{i can be your spotter!}

What is making you LOVE YOUR LIFE right now?

Favorite wish list item from Lulu?

Do you like doing group runs with stores/running companies?

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