Does anyone else think that it’s absolutely crazy that it’s September? And Labor Day?

Where in the world did summer go? I feel like we were just celebrating Memorial Day weekend.

This summer has been pretty fabulous if I say so myself. I mean, I quit the worst job that I’ve ever had in my life so you can’t really get better than that. There were a lot of other favorite moments this summer. Here are my top 10 best of summer moments:

10. Hitting up the CrossFit box. I think Ed’s last goal in life is to get me to join a CrossFit box with him. I do enjoy the workouts, especially the last one that we did. But running will always be #1.


9. Getting my nose pierced (again). This has nothing to do with running. But I missed having it pierced and am happy I took the plunge to get it done again.


8. Learning how to deal with being hangry. Hunger + anger = hangry. Something a lot of runners suffer from. I am slowly getting better at this and it makes me a happier person all the way around. I’m sure C doesn’t mind. 🙂

7. Celebrating my love for running on National Running Day. We sometimes forget to talk about why we love this sport so much so it was a good reminder to think through why it pretty much rocks our socks off.


6. Doing some random adventuring in the city. Like going to the outlet malls (and getting some sweet deals) instead of the BBQ festival. Oh, and of course, complaining about how hot it is here. It wouldn’t be a NYC summer without that. 🙂

5. Not setting any PRs. I know, someone call the wahhhhmbulance. I significantly cut down the number of races that I ran this summer (10k, 10 miler and two 5ks) and didn’t PR in any of them. But, I am saving up for the best PR of all: sub-3:30 at Wineglass Marathon.

4. Becoming a RRCA certified running coach! This has been a dream of mine for a really long time. I am so proud that I can finally call myself a coach… and that I successfully led my first run!

3. Lots of fun traveling adventures. Our summer was filled with a lot of traveling, including going to Wisconsin several times, North Carolina and most recently, Seattle (pictures tomorrow!).


2. Lil’ Wayne in concert. Enough said.


1. Running the Packers 5k with my entire family. This is one of my favorite memories of summer. It was so amazing to have everyone out on the course (even if C hated every step of the way) and even more awesome to run the entire race with my 10-year-old nephew. For me, that is going to be one running memory that I will never forget and always cherish.


What are your favorite memories from this summer? What are you looking forward to this fall? 

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