After 12+ hours of traveling, I finally made it home! Even though it sounds absolutely awful, it was so worth it. I had so much fun in Seattle… the city is so beautiful and it’s amazing how you can be right in the middle of it and feel like you are in the middle of nowhere.

And can I just mention that I got more sun in Seattle than I have in NYC all summer? How does that work? No complaints here!

Because I’m exhausted and mostly because my descriptions won’t do it justice, a summary of my last three days in photos.

{kelly and i realized that saturday was the 10th anniversary of meeting each other as random college roommates! we celebrated with matching fuel belts and a 20 mile run}

{because running 20 miles isn’t enough, we hit up lake union afterwards for a few hours of kayaking… it was so awesome to see all of the house boats!}

{including the one from sleepless in seattle!}

{we also did a lot of hiking… and saw a lot of incredible views. oh, and also found some wild blackberries! yum!}

{one night we grilled on one of our friends’ rooftops… and enjoyed amazing views}

{a trip to seattle isn’t complete without visiting pike place market!}

{the gum wall!}

{headed to bainbridge island on the ferry… more amazing views of the city}

Tell me about your Labor Day weekend! Did anyone run any races? 

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