I always feel like after I get back from vacation, it can be hard to find motivation. Maybe it’s the post-vacation blues, maybe it’s the idea of getting back into the swing of things… whatever it is, it can be tough to be energized to tackle your to do list.

{this sums up how I feel today quite well}


Take today… I really haven’t done anything. I slept in (oops), skipped my run (double oops) and have spent most of the day researching senseless things and listening to Lil’ Wayne’s new mixtape, Dedication 5 (now that’s totally worth it).

It’s time for me to get going, otherwise Thursday and Friday are going to be very stressful days. Here are five ways that help me find my motivation when it’s one of those days…

1. Set a deadline. On those days when it’s hard to start working on those things that I really need to do… I find that setting a deadline is really helpful. “OK, I’ll read BuzzFeed until quarter to, and then I’ll go run or get back to work or [fill in blank].” It kind of gives you the best of both worlds. You get to be a slacker but then you get to start working on some things.

2. Start small. There is nothing like looking at the mountains on my to do list and thinking “that just looks exhausting” to turn me off from doing anything. On those days when motivation is low, I find that doing smaller things makes it much easier. This applies to running too… instead of tackling 10+ miles, think about doing a three or a five mile run. Just getting out there makes all the difference.

3. Minimize your to dos. So thinking about those mountains can be overwhelming on those non-motivation days… it can be exhausting just to think about crossing those off. So make a new to do list. With really easy things. I’m not going to lie, there are days where I write “shower” on my to do list… not because it’s a question if I’m going to do it, but it just feels good to mark something off.

4. Do something fun. Especially when recovering from post-vacation blues, I need to do something fun so it doesn’t feel like I’m just back in the doldrums routine of life. So take 20 minutes or an hour and do something that you enjoy… go read, play a video game, play with your cat… whatever it is, it may make it a little easier to start tackling the not-so-fun things on you to do list. (And you should write this fun thing on your list. So you can cross it off.)

5. Give yourself a break. <– something I have a tough time with. But seriously, sometimes you just don’t feel like doing things… and that’s okay. There’s always tomorrow, right? (I guess it just gets bad if you start saying that everyday.) I feel like forcing myself to do something when I really don’t want to will just make me enjoy it that much less… so cut yourself some slack, watch some really bad reality television and do something that interests you. The break will probably make you more motivated in the end.


Do you have a tough time focusing after vacation?

What are some ways that you find your motivation again? 

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