Today is exciting for three reasons. One, I woke up to this awesome forecast:


How spectacular does that look? I think it’s safe to say that fall is definitely on its way. And hoodies. Lots and lots of hoodies.

Two, today kicks off FOOTBALL SEASON. So very excited. I love love love football season. It doesn’t matter that the best team in the world (Packers) aren’t playing… we are still plopping ourselves in front of the TV for the night to watch the official start of the season.

And lastly, three, I got an opportunity to try out this new outfit from Puma, sponsored by FitFluential:


I love the bright capris complemented by a flowy top. More about that in tomorrow’s post though. 🙂


Today was kind of a slacker training week:

Monday – easy 6 miles (although will Seattle hills, not sure you can call it “easy”)
Tuesday – rest
Wednesday – rest
Thursday – easy 5 miles
Friday – 17 miles
Saturday – rest


I do think it is needed… after beating up my legs the past few weeks, this will definitely be welcomed by my body. It’s not exactly what the training plan says, but sometimes you have to roll with what life gives you and what feels right for you.

And, well, sometimes the cat just makes a really good distraction…


Has it turned to “fall” in your area yet?

Football fans! Who are you cheering for this season?

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