It seems absolutely crazy to be saying that it’s only one month until…


One month from now… I will hopefully be dominating the course.

When you start marathon training, it always feels like you have a million and one days to get what you want done and set yourself up well before the big race. But of course, that time seems to tick down super fast and before you know it… you’re in taper stage.

I am still trying to think through all of my marathon goals but I know the most important one. I need to get that sub-3:30. I WILL get that sub-3:30. I feel like I’ve set myself up right to do it and in some ways, feel like it will be more of a mental battle to do it.

Today was my second to last 17 miler. Next week is my last 20 miler! I must admit that I’ve been in a bit of a running rut lately. I am not sure if it’s just this part of training, or if it’s something else. It’s been a tough week for me to stay motivated (hence the slacker week).


Maybe part of it is the toughness of running in Seattle… my legs/body/mind might have rebelled because that was HARD. No lies.

{this was PRE Seattle long run… not sure those smiles were that big POST run}


Three highlights from this morning’s run:

  1. It felt EASY. I love when long runs feel this way because it makes me feel so ready for the marathon. I think part of it is because last weekend’s runs were so tough (let’s just say the hills were reminiscent of Big Sur). So maybe this time around, my body was like whatever, I can do this! Plus it’s the end of training so I would hope my body would be feeling good. Oh, and lastly, maybe my slacker week paid off?
  2. When I was running across the Brooklyn Bridge, a cyclist yelled to me… “you’re fast.” No better compliment. Seriously.
  3. Old people make me smile. If you haven’t been to New York, we have this really bad habit of standing in the middle of the street staring down the cars until we can cross (whether we have the walk signal or not). This morning I was doing that (but not as bad, my heels were touching the curb) and this older gentleman was so concerned. He told me that I needed to get back on the sidewalk otherwise I would lose my toes.



What’s the toughest city you’ve run? 

Best compliment you’ve received on a run?

What are your fall running goals?

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