I mentioned last week that we were headed to Minneapolis this weekend for a wedding.

It was our first time going back to see how much the city has changed since we moved away in 2008. It is CRAZY. Minneapolis is like a completely different place! Our friends have been trying to tell us that for a few months and we didn’t believe them. But seriously, add it to your destination list.

We of course had to venture around campus and check out all of our old favorites… like my apartment building.


I paid like $250 a month to live here. The life of a college student… 🙂

And the scene of our first date!


Yes, our first date was Chipotle. I actually stood C up the first time we were supposed to meet there… hey, he waited two months to call me so what was a girl supposed to do. And then we continued to have dinner here every Sunday while we lived on campus. 🙂 #obsessed

We also saw the new stadium which was absolutely awesome… love the energy that it brings to campus.


We tried to get some tickets off the street but the guy wasn’t going for our bargaining… $5 a ticket at halftime? He should have considered himself lucky.

And of course, no trip to Minneapolis is complete without this goodness…



Today marks the start of taper! Yessss. (Ask me again what my thoughts are next week.) I will take a five mile recovery run on any Monday, even if it is a rainy fall day.

And today also marks the day when I can register for the Boston Marathon.



I am super nervous about whether I will get in. It is a good sign that it is open today but my time (3:34.02) is seriously right on the edge of actually qualifying. Ahh!! This week is going to be quite stressful until I receive that wonderful little confirmation email… because it’s going to come. My fingers are majorly crossed!


P.S. Check out my latest article on Plum Deluxe… 7 Tips for Newbie Runners!


How was your weekend? Tell me your favorite thing about it!

Anyone else registering for Boston? Are you officially IN?

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