There are two types of candy that I love more than anything in this world:



(Don’t even think about giving me chocolate, meh…)

I decided to make my goal for Wineglass Marathon a little bit more interesting. Plus it’s the perfect time of year for it.

No candy corn unless I get that sub-3:30!

Which means none of these sandwiches (perfected at last year’s Ragnar)…


But, I’ve been talking about getting a sub-3:30 for the past three years. Basically ever since I pulled a 3:31.44 at the 2010 ING New York City Marathon after the shortest training cycle ever and a bunch of personal problems to boot.

I know I can get a sub-3:30. I know I have it in me… but for the past four or five marathons, I have let myself down. Each time I have an excuse for why I didn’t get the time I was hoping for. Bathroom breaks, not-so-optimal training cycles, rough weather… you name it.

This time, it’s MINE. And I’m not ashamed to say that I might have to use a candy corn ban to get myself there. 🙂

I was reading an interesting article on Runner’s World website yesterday that was talking about how important it is to prepare ourselves mentally for races. We focus so much on getting our bodies physically ready, that we often forget about the other part of our body that is so important.


This is SO very true. It is our brain that tells us “hey, this doesn’t feel so good” and at this point, we make the decision to slow down. There is a fine line between pushing ourselves and to doing something stupid, like trying to run through a severe pain issue. But the trouble is… how do you know when you need to stop? I feel like the line between pain and soreness gets blurred, especially when you run marathons.

As I suffer through taper the next few weeks, this is my goal. Make myself mentally fit so that I don’t have that nagging complaint of “ow, this hurts” once I get to the 18 mile marker. Because I want that candy corn. And maybe that sub-3:30, too… 🙂


What’s the weirdest goal you’ve set for yourself?

How do you get “mentally fit” for a race? Do you think it makes a big difference?


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