So, I really have some extra motivation to hit the candy corn goal. My friend sent me this yesterday:


My two favorite candies combined? Yes please. That sub-3:30 is mine!

Anyways, I am in the midst of taper time. I really don’t like taper. Well, if you would have asked me last week, I would have told you it was my favorite part of marathon training, but that’s because I was just tired and cranky. This is what my week has looked like for training:

Sunday: Rest day
Monday: 5 mile recovery run
Tuesday: 8 miles with 5 x 100m sprints
Wednesday: Rest day
Today: 4 miles with 5 x 100m sprints
Tomorrow: 17 mile long run
Saturday: Rest day


A lot different than a few weeks ago, that’s for sure. I usually like tapering for about oh, the first three days… and then I start to go crazy. Here are some things to NOT do while you are tapering.

1. Read back through your training plan. This is like getting stabbed in the back. Suddenly all of those torturous Tuesday morning double digit runs with sprints sound like so much fun. And it hurts to know that you can’t do it if you wanted to.
2. Visit other blogs where people talk about running a lot of miles. It just makes you really jealous. And you might do something crazy, like go run double the miles you are supposed to. So if you have to read these blogs, just skim over this part and look at the pictures.
3. Become a couch potato. While you may not be able to run as much as usual, it doesn’t mean that you should turn into a couch potato. Find other ways to be active… whether it’s going for a walk, doing a core workout or even kayaking. Just make sure it’s not high intensity or has a high chance of injuring you. Getting those endorphins going will make things feel so much better.


Here are some things that you NEED to do:

1. Sleep, sleep and more sleep. On Tuesday, I took two naps. Yesterday, I slept until 9:30. #noshame It’s time for your body to catch up on all the rest that it needs so you have an awesome run. Just don’t sleep so much that you forget to run or eat. The other two important parts of taper.
2. Visit your race website… a lot. I couldn’t help but get super pumped when I saw this on Wineglass Marathon’s Facebook page.


It’s a good reminder of what is waiting for me in a few weeks.
3. Read really inspirational books to get you pumped up for your race. Some of my favorites:


How do you stay sane during taper?

Most inspirational books on your list? 

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