I am one of those people that has a really hard time admitting that I’m sick. Instead of actually giving myself a break and relaxing, I blame it on something else… like allergies. Allergies are always a logical assumption.


When I woke up this morning feeling like I had been run over by a truck, I just told myself it was allergies and I would be FINE to run… after all, it’s my true LAST long run and there is no way I can miss it.

Bad bad bad idea.

The first five miles were pretty rough, not going to lie. But then my body must have realized that this is its reality so deal with it and warmed up to the idea of running. By that point, I was headed to the Brooklyn Bridge so there was no turning back.

Instead of getting super annoyed by running through lower Manhattan during morning rush hour, I even put a positive spin on it — gave me an opportunity to practice my weaving skills that are needed in those super packed corrals. 🙂

By time I got back to the Brooklyn Bridge, I wasn’t feeling that awesome but whatever… home stretch! As soon as I got home and stopped running, wow… 10 times worse than earlier before. So, I think that myth is busted — running 17 miles does not make your cold go away.

I did make one smart decision before my run today:


I cut it in half before I went running. That way, it fit in my fuel belt and it was really easy to eat. #genius


When you’re sick, do you skip it or push through it?

Favorite fuel on the run?

Who’s racing this weekend?

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