Boston just announced that they have notified all entrants to the 2014 Boston Marathon. Because they know us runners are a bunch of analytical Type-A fanatics, they posted the breakdown:


I am super bummed that I didn’t get in, I missed the cut off by 40 seconds. Of course all that is running through my mind is how I could have made up those 42 seconds and ran faster. Of course, you can’t turn back time… but if you could…

I had a feeling that this was going to happen so I have been telling myself not to get my hopes up for a few days now, and I’m surprisingly OK with it. Kara Goucher’s blog post last week announcing her feelings about pulling out of the ING New York City Marathon helped me the most. Like always, she has such a positive perspective.

It just means I have more fire to qualify NEXT TIME and make it happen. It shows that just because you qualify for Boston, it doesn’t mean you are in… after all, it IS the most prestigious marathon in the world. You can’t be mad about that.

Anyways, CONGRATS to all who did get in and are running! It is a phenomenal race and next year is going to be even more special.


Any other squeakers not get in? 

Who DID get in? What # Boston Marathon is this for you? 

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