Thank you for all of your amazing words yesterday after I found out I didn’t get into the Boston Marathon. It was so helpful and appreciate all of your love and support!


I have read that a LOT of people are furious with BAA for not letting everyone in. Flame me if you want, but honestly, I don’t really understand. It’s THE Boston Marathon. Yes, you qualified. Yes, you worked really really hard to accomplish that. Nobody can ever take that away from you. And yes, it truly sucks that you won’t be toeing the line with everyone else. But just because you get the right time, doesn’t mean you are in. There have been a number of years that this has happened, where all qualifiers haven’t gotten in… 2014 isn’t the first and it definitely won’t be the last. Instead of getting mad, get BETTER. Use your fury to run your next marathon faster so you can be well above that cut.

I think it just adds to the intrigue and prestige of this race. If they let everyone in, it wouldn’t feel so awesome when you finally do get there. And the B.A.A. is an amazing, incredible organization. The way that they have handled everything that has happened since last year’s marathon has been phenomenal. They have been transparent and have been extremely open, which not every organization is great at. A huge kudos to them.

And lastly, do not bash the runners who made it in. I have heard this is happening too… um, excuse me?! This makes me really sad. I know we are all competitive but we should not be taking away from ANYONE the fact that they qualified and will be achieving a dream. Never. And as for charity runners, these runners go above and beyond in their training… I can’t imagine training AND raising thousands of dollars on top of that.


I was really happy when I read this article yesterday. Finally, some evidence that running doesn’t ruin your knees. Don’t you hate when you tell someone you run and the first thing they say is “running is going to ruin your knees”? And now you can be like get your facts straight:


Have you ever raced for charity? 

How many times have you been told running will ruin your knees? What are other myths about running you commonly hear?

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