For the first time in a long time, I woke up this morning after my alarm went off at 6:06 a.m. ready to go! Which is an awesome feeling. Especially if you don’t like mornings.

I had seven miles on the calendar today, with two miles at race pace. I never run with a watch here (it takes too long to find the signals) so I guessed at what race pace would feel like. Whatever I guessed, it felt pretty good. 🙂

Three really exciting things I want to share with you:


1. New Runner’s World cookbook!

Runner’s World has a new cookbook out with 150 recipes!!

I have the Athlete’s Palate cookbook too, which features recipes from Runner’s World contributors and is quite amazing. The thing I love about this cookbook is that there are a ton of recipes and they are not all super duper hard. I hate when you open up a cookbook and each recipe needs 74 ingredients and takes approximately three hours to make. Nope, not these! Plus while they are runner friendly, they are appealing to non-runners too… which is an extra bonus for this household.

Some of the ones that top my list:

  • Minestrone with spring vegetables
  • Pumpkin-cherry trail mix
  • Coconut-almond energy bars
  • Basil-mint pesto


2. Two weeks from now, I will be in HAWAII getting ready for AUSTRALIA!

First, I can’t believe we are a week away from celebrating our one-year wedding anniversary (let’s not talk about how we still haven’t finalized our wedding album… shhhhh). Anyways, I also can’t believe that our epic vacation is finally HERE. We have been talking and planning about it since… well, before we even got married!

My main goal on the trip is to find a new BFF.

Do you think I could fit one in my suitcase?

3. FitFluential Ambassador applications are open!

FitFluential is an awesome organization and they are finally accepting applications for new ambassadors! So exciting. I love being a part of this organization and I think you would too. So definitely apply! If you don’t meet their requirements, no worries. You can always sign up as a member and apply to be an ambassador at a later date.


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What are three things you are really excited about?

Favorite place to find recipes? 

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