OK, it’s official: Mother Nature hates marathons.

Remember in 2007, how the Chicago Marathon was canceled mid-run because it was so hot (I ran Twin Cities that day, and it was actually a few degrees warmer there)… and then there was 2012. Boston Marathon was record hot, the Green Bay Marathon canceled before the race even started and the Madison Marathon organizers made the decision to move from a spring race to a late fall race.

And well, it hasn’t reached catastrophic temperatures yet, but I am not happy with the forecast for the Wineglass Marathon this Sunday:

{can’t we have Monday’s temperatures?}


I know, I know… earlier this week I was whining about the fact that it was supposed to rain. Well, at least the percent chance of rain has gone down! I am pretty sure the average temperature this time of year is supposed to be in like the 60s (I love how the following weekend is trending that way). Awesome.

So you can’t control the weather and just have to roll with what you get. I am hoping that it will be cool enough in the morning and that it won’t heat up until that afternoon. I am so not good at running in hot temperatures so this partial freak out/depression is warranted.

Or maybe Kara will be right, and the weather will completely flip to something different before race day. I can only hope!


Have you run in too-hot weather for a marathon before? How did it affect your goal? 

Anyone else freak out about race weather?

Do you think Mother Nature has it out for marathoners? 😉


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