I’m starting to get really really really excited for marathon weekend!

There is only ONE WHOLE DAY standing between me and the race start. So ready for it!

I am slightly over my freak out¬†over the weather. It has dropped a few degrees, now the high is 78 degrees for the day with a 60 percent chance of rain. I am actually hoping it will rain on and off during the run because then it won’t be so hot… and hopefully it will kill the humidity.

So now it’s time to start packing!


If it was up to Jax, you would start by smelling your bag. Apparently that’s important for when cats pack for vacations.

I like to break down my packing into three categories: pre-race, race day essentials and post-race. I am lucky because we are making a short trip this weekend. We will leave tomorrow morning so my packing won’t be too complex.

When it comes to pre-race, you need to think about fueling. It is best if you don’t stray from what you typically do. Meaning, when you go to the expo, don’t stuff your face with all the samples because they are free. Only eat foods you’ve tried before.

My pre-race essentials:

  • Luna bars: I love using these for fueling the days leading up to a marathon. Great nutrients and they taste good too!
  • Water bottle: I drink a lot of water throughout the day and make sure I keep up with it the day before a race. If you don’t drink a lot of water regularly, don’t suddenly drink a gallon before race day because someone else is. Stick with what works for you and what keeps you hydrated!
  • Race shirt: I love wearing a race shirt to the expo. It’s a great way to meet other runners and start a conversation! If it was going to be cooler, I would definitely be sporting my Boston finisher jacket.


Race day essentials:

  • Goldbond Friction Defense: This stuff is amazing. You will not experience any chaffing if you use this! Super important, especially on a day when it’s supposed to be rainy.
  • Sunglasses: I wear these Ryder sunglasses on race day, even if it’s supposed to be rainy. They automatically change the level of darkness based on the sun outside, which is awesome. I wear them when they are rainy to protect my contacts.
  • Fitbelt (can’t remember the real name?): I bought this at the Big Sur expo and it is my favorite way to carry my goodies. It seriously doesn’t move! Best ever.
  • Nuun tattoo: I love repping my love for Nuun on race day!


And of course, can’t forget my race day outfit…

{do you think it’s bright enough?}

… the shoes …

{thanks Brooks running for keeping my feet running happy!}

… and some throwaway gear to stay warm before the start of the race …

{thank you Delta for keeping warm on Sunday :)}

Post-race essentials:

  • Nuun: Nuun saves my brain after the race. I tend to get headaches after long runs and Nuun makes them go away. My favorite flavors are watermelon, lemonade and tri-berry.
  • Flip flops: I made the mistake once to not have comfortable shoes after the race. Not a good idea. My feet are usually so mad at running shoes after running, it’s a must to have something to switch into. Sometimes I bring my Vibrams, they feel really good for some reason.
  • Comfy gear for afterwards: If it was going to be cooler, I would definitely be in my most comfy jeans! I am going to try out some new capris from Fabletics… and finish the outfit with the race shirt (note, always bring an extra shirt in case the race shirt doesn’t fit or you don’t like the style).



What’s your race packing strategy? Must-have items for pre-race/race/post-race?

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