This is how I am feeling about race day:


It suddenly snuck up and is HERE. But I’m pumped!

Wineglass Marathon will be #4 for the year, and #13 overall. I have been trying to think about all the fantastic race goals that I want to meet this weekend and only managed to come up with two.

The candy corn goalI have an intense craving for candy corn so I definitely need to meet this now… 🙂 If you don’t know, this is my goal to hit a sub-3:30. If I don’t, no candy corn!

Hitting sub-3:30 has been in my head since I PRed last at ING New York City Marathon in 2010. I have been hovering around the 3:30 mark but just can’t seem to go under. It might be a mental thing? Because of this, I’m finding all the inspiration possible.

Like this awesome video.


My other goal is the one I have for every race that I run, have fun. It’s so important to remember this. We get so caught up in hitting our time, running strong, etc. that it can be hard to remember the reason we run in the first place. It’s to put a smile on our face. To make memories. To meet other runners. To have a blast! And that is my ultimate goal.


Anyone racing this weekend? What are your race goals? 

Do you have a PR you are currently chasing? 

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