Not being able to walk like a normal human being = sign of a good race

Thank you for all of your support this weekend! If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you’ll know that while I didn’t hit my ultimate goal I was able to PR at the Wineglass Marathon!

It was a GREAT race, although it was a bit too humid for my liking. Anyways, more on that later this week. Oh, and based on a vote, I was given the approval to go ahead and eat all my candy corn anyways.

Yum. 🙂


Last month, Sarah at Creating a Great Today posted that she was hosting a new exchange for bloggers and fans — Monthly Mailers! The idea behind it is that you send someone an inspirational message, card, etc. to give them extra motivation for the month.

My partner was Clara at Southern Thintellect. She sent me the cutest postcard!



LOVE it and LOVE her special message.


I sent a bundle of inspiration to Kris… crossing my fingers that USPS makes sure it arrives on time!


How was your weekend? Anyone PR?

What’s your favorite thing about today? I think fall temperatures are here! I was finally able to break out the sweatpants again… 🙂 

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