I have no idea how I even first heard about Wineglass Marathon, but it seemed like for the longest time I was hearing a buzz about this race and how much I needed to run it. I finally decided to sign up earlier this year.

Since it was only a bit more than four hours away from Brooklyn, we decided to drive up the day before the race. It was SUCH a beautiful drive.

 {pictures seriously don’t do it justice!}


We arrived just in time to meet up with Laura from Catching My Breath. The past few months, I have become a big fan of Laura’s… love her blog! She is such a talented runner (she did a 3:17 on Sunday! OMG!). I wish we lived closer together so we could run together!


Of course, I had to get my Chipotle the night before… which was a little more than an hour away in Ithaca. We decided to see the movie The Prisoners (great movie, but it was a little weird because we were the youngest people in the theater by at least four decades. Not sure at what age you lose the ability to whisper, but we heard several narrations throughout the movie… :)).

 {at what point does it become an unhealthy obsession?}


Before we went to bed, I told C that I was going to make up a signal for him to hand me salt pills and/or the Shot Bloks. I was thinking really smart and told him I’d give him the thumbs down… more on that later.

Laura and I made plans to meet up and ride the bus to the start together… so glad we did! It was great having someone to chat with before the race and get your mind off of what loomed ahead. She shared a bunch of wedding plans with me, which was awesome because you can never talk too much wedding.

The one thing I really liked at the start was that they had a pole shed with folding chairs set up. They also had liquids and other great things, but it was nice to not have to sit on the concrete or cold ground.

{P.S. I realized that morning that I had to take my Chipotle water cup to the start because I forgot a water bottle…}


The port-a-potty lines were a little long so I got to the starting line about five minutes before the start. I lined up next to these guys that were hilarious… they were from Vermont and were making jokes the entire time (you know, those typical starting line jokes… but so needed).

Suddenly, we were off! There wasn’t a 3:30 pacer so I stuck with the 3:25 pacer and tried to stick with them, even though the hills over the first few miles made me want to go faster. I saw C around mile 4 and it was much needed.

{all smiles!}


After that, I started to feel a little weird. I was still sticking with the pacer… but I started to see some black spots in my vision? And just felt lightheaded. But I’m stubborn so I kept going. When I saw C next, around mile 10, I knew I had to get the salt tablets. But then I started thinking about my genius signal — thumbs down — and realized that it wasn’t the smartest. I saw his face fall right when I gave him the thumbs down because I think he thought it was a sign that things weren’t going well.

Took the salt tablets and started to feel better. I pulled ahead of the 3:25 pace group and started to feel amazing. And then mile 14 came around and my hamstrings started cramping. I really don’t remember the next few miles, but I think this photo was taken around here? And C took this photo:

 {it makes me feel like I’m leading the pack!}


Around mile 17 I started to come up with a plan to keep myself in line with my goal… I would take it “easier” until mile 20, and then kick it into gear. I saw C around mile 21.5, gave him a smile and thumbs up, and he gave me some extra cheers that got me moving. I asked him for the time and knew I had about 40 minutes to get to the finish to make my goal time.

I found that hidden kick and started going. I passed one of the guys from the start and tried to get him to go with me, but he said he was cramping up so I gave him my last salt tablet. I finally made it to mile 26… and seriously, they need to remeasure this. It took for.ev.er to get to the finish!

{1/2 mile from the finish!}


When I got close enough to see the clock, I saw that I was going to finish in 3:31… hey, a PR! I tried to kick a bit more but seriously, I was beat. I finished with a PR of 3:31.20. 

It was a great race, even though it was a little too humid for my liking. I know if the weather would have been better, I would have gone sub-3:30. I just KNOW it. I was so close!

Oh and I have to tell you about the post-race buffet.

{anyone else crave this after a race?!}

Besides the Coke, they also had cookies, pizza, fruit, string cheese, chocolate milk and I think even more food! It was amazing.

I had such a wonderful race experience… despite the weather not being optimal, I loved everything Wineglass had to offer.

{the medals were AMAZING}


The small-town feel, the awesome organization and the crowds! There is something about running small town races that just makes them special. Oh, and of course, C topped it off… the guy drove 12+ hours throughout the weekend for my race! Seriously, how did I get so lucky.


What you need to know about Wineglass Marathon:

  • Book your hotel as soon as possible! I waited until March to book. We were at the Econolodge and while it wasn’t terrible (they offered late checkout, early AM breakfast for runners), I would have liked to be in downtown Corning. But it worked out well!
  • Wear a watch. There are no timers on the course except at the half point and the finish… so I was little clueless about my pace the entire time. But that’s OK! I think I pushed it a little harder.
  • You can depend on the water stations. I don’t like carrying a lot with me on race day, and I liked that the water stations were spaced two miles apart. That is exactly how I like to drink my fluids!
  • It’s good for spectators. So bring your family and friends with if you run it. 🙂

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