One of my motivational phrases that I say to myself during a marathon is that these are the last miles I have to run for at least five days. At that point, it sounds really really really good.

But now, three days later, it doesn’t sound so good.

I think that’s a sign that I’m officially addicted.

My legs are still pretty sore, which is a good feeling in some ways… I think it means that I left it all out on the course.

But really, the insomnia is no fun.


I am usually the type of person that falls asleep the moment my head hits the pillow… sooo the whole staying up thinking about life and other random nonsense (last night I debated what I would do if someone broke into our apartment while we were sleeping) for two hours is just not fun.

But then it’s weird, because I expect to be sleepy and exhausted all day long… but nope, definitely not the case.


Maybe I can attribute it to eating too much candy corn? But I’ll take it… the whole midday sleepiness thing is not a good look for me.

Either way, fingers crossed my legs are finally over their soreness so I can lace up my shoes tomorrow.


Anyone else feel like they have a running addiction? How do you deal with a few days where you “can’t” run? 

Tell me how far you are running today! I want to hear all about it 🙂

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