This morning I went for my first run since the marathon (wahoo!) and hit up my favorite, Prospect Park. They are finishing up construction on one part of the park where they will have this awesome new green space with a skating rink and everything (it only took them the entire time we lived here to do).

Anyways, there was a big 18-wheeler that was trying to back into this narrow gate to drop off his load of construction  materials. So they have some workers who are telling people to stop so that you don’t become roadkill as this guy maneuvers his truck (the road itself isn’t that wide, so it is quite a process).

Like typical New Yorkers, everyone is so impatient that they can’t wait the 100 seconds it takes for this guy to park. Instead, cars are honking, speeding around the guys with the flags; cyclists are rolling their eyes and just as impatient as the car drivers. Honestly, it was not even that long and gave me a good excuse to stretch.

As I was the only one who was patiently waiting until it was clear to go, I realized that yes, I have definitely grown out of my phase of living life in the fast lane. I am definitely comfortable with lollygagging… so I think our decision to move is a good one. 🙂

It did make me a little sad to think that this is one of the last few times that I’ll be running in this park. I have run this route hundreds, if not over a thousand, times in the past three and a half years. I will definitely have to bring my camera with me at some point so you can see why it is so amazing.

What wasn’t amazing was my color coordination this morning.



I love both of these items of clothing (the shirt is from SwirlGear… ladies, check it out — the fit is amazing!; shorts are from UA and are one of my favorite shorts ever)… but I guess they don’t work that well together.

And speaking of moving, we already started packing! These books are looking for new homes:


If you are interested, shoot me an email a and I’ll send one or all your way (no charge).


Are you always in a rush or more go with the flow? 

Do you run different routes each day or stick to a few that you like?

What are you looking forward to this weekend? 

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