Hi all! Today’s workout is brought to you by Nicole at Apples and Arteries. I love Nicole’s blog so you definitely have to drop by and say hi. She is from Wisconsin, which automatically means she’s awesome! Anyways, I love love love what she has in store for you today… hope you enjoy!!


Hello!  My name is Nicole and I blog at Apples and Arteries.  I love to write about health and wellness, share healthy recipes and fun (and effective!) workouts.

If you regularly read Lora’s blog you probably noticed she loves candy corn.  And ‘tis the season.  So I wanted to create a fun candy-inspired workout.  It’s great that candy corn just happens to be a pyramid.


This is a good option if you are don’t have much time and want to raise your heart rate for quick sweat, or if you want to supplement another workout.  I used this recently in a hotel gym that was equipped with jump ropes.  It’s amazing how quickly jumping rope gets your heart racing!

Start at the top of the candy corn and do each exercise for 60 seconds.  When you get to the bottom, repeat the high knees and work your way up.  Then head back down.


Favorite Halloween candy?

Would you rather do a minute of burpees or high knees?


Thanks to Lora for the opportunity to guest post! 

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