You all know that it’s FINALLY here… my favorite season in the whole world, fall! There are so many things I love about this season but I will just share my top 10 things.

1. The colors!

I love the colors of the leaves. It is so pretty to see the leaves change and give an extra pop of color.

I have also heard that while the colors aren’t as vibrant, I will still be able to see some of this in Texas. I hope that’s the case!


2. Apples!

I know Anna and Nicole will agree with me… but fall = apple season. Yum! There is nothing like a fresh apple. My favorites include Honeycrisp (which were actually developed by my alma mater, University of Minnesota) and Pink Lady. Of course, you can never go wrong with McIntosh either!



So while I didn’t meet the candy corn goal, I let myself indulge anyways. Because I PRed. And because 90% of you told me to.

I still haven’t tracked down these amazing treats, but it’s on my list!


4. Football

Obviously the best sport, ever. Packers in the Super Bowl, anyone?


5. Blustery weather

I know Kara thinks I’m crazy, but I love those days when you can walk outside and its just blustery and cold. There is just something comforting about it that you really can’t put into words.


6. Hoodies!

Ohmygoodness, these are my favorite clothing item in the WORLD. I love love love wearing hoodies (which is an awesome thing about Wisconsin summers, because you can still wear them at night there!)


7. Jeans!

Speaking of cold-weather clothes, I also love wearing jeans. I don’t want to talk about how many pairs of jeans I have… I probably have way too many. I just added these babies to the collection which I’m super pumped about:

I usually buy most of my jeans from Maurices. They have two “levels” of jeans you can buy. One is a little bit cheaper but the quality is also a bit lower (but still good, they do fit pretty well). They also have their premium jeans which are amazing. I think these are like $50 or $60 a pair.


8. Pumpkin beer!

I actually just jumped on this bandwagon. For the longest time, I was all about the light beer… but C has started to convert me. I love pumpkin beer because it is darker, but it doesn’t have that super hoppy aftertaste. One of my favorites is this one from Blue Point:


9. Chili

This is another food that I was kinda “meh” about for the longest time. I blame it on my mom for adding those kidney beans that look like those nasty June bugs you get in the Midwest… 🙂 Once I figured out you could eat chili without that stuff, I was sold.


I love making chili! I am still trying to find the perfect white chicken chili recipe… anyone have any recommendations?



I would be a bad runner if I didn’t mention running… 🙂 But seriously, fall running is so fun! It’s early enough in the season where you are still excited to bust out the capris and the arm warmers. And the brisk, cool weather is my favorite for running. Plus there are SO many good races this time of year around the world! It is just a really exciting time to run… and why, if you aren’t a runner, you should start. right. now.


What are your favorite things about fall? 

What’s your favorite season?

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