I was lucky enough to win entry into the 2010 ING New York City Marathon. I was randomly selected in the lottery, which was an awesome way to get to know our new city. I feel like having the opportunity to start and end our time in NYC is very poetic. I am looking forward to running the race on November 3, just two days before we get in the moving truck and head to our new home.

Since I just had an awesome race at Wineglass and we are spending most of the month on vacation, I am not quite sure what I should expect for this race. Although my first time around, I have never had a worse training experience.

Let me explain. We moved to NYC in August, and that is when I decided to start training. I started a new job, and had a tough time juggling the two. I focused more on getting long runs in and only ran a few miles each day throughout the week. I started having to travel more for my job, which made me tired and less into getting up early to run. And then my grandmother got extremely sick.


She passed away in the midst of training and I took a full week off. So, given that training… I had no expectations to do anything great.

So when I pulled out a 9 minute PR, I was quite surprised. I truly think my grandmother was with me every step of the way and got me to the finish.

The NYC Marathon surprises you. There is so much energy in the air that your adrenaline is pumping like never before.


That is what I’m going to rely on this time around. My plan is to go with the no plan approach. Would I love to PR? Of course. But more importantly, I want to enjoy each and every step and use it as a time to say goodbye to the place that I’ve called home for so long.


Who’s running NYC Marathon? What are your goals? 

Ever be surprised by how you performed in a race? How so?


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