People are always shocked when they learn that I don’t run with music.


How do you pass the time?

What do you mean you don’t listen to music… what do you think about?


Those are just a few of the questions that I get. And with some really weird looks, too.

I used to run with music. In fact, I ran with music before iPods were cool (does that make me sound really old?). I used to run with one of these babies.


That was really fun to hold while running… good thing for the anti-skip feature. And then C wooed me into his heart by letting me use one of the first mp3 players that was ever invented. I think it could hold 30 songs max.

So, I used to run with music. And when I did, I loved listening to Missy Elliot and DMX (give me a break, this was like early 2000s). But then I signed up to run the Twin Cities Marathon in 2006.


It said that you couldn’t run with music, they were absolutely banned. So I was like, well, better start running without those headphones.

It was really really really tough at first, but now I couldn’t even imagine running WITH music. You would miss out on so many great things, like those really random conversations you hear while on the run. And the sounds of nature the city. I love hearing nothing for a few hours and being able to just focus on… nothing. (Really, I can’t tell you three hours worth of thoughts from my long runs. Don’t ask.)


Here are some of my tips to help you run without music:

  • Transition slowly. When I quit listening to music while I was running, I was only going a few miles a day. If you are used to listening to music during your 20 mile runs, it’s going to be a shock to your body! Start with your shorter distances and work yourself up.
  • Run with friends. While you are transitioning from music to no music, run with friends. They will make it so that you don’t miss listening to tunes while you run, and you’ll still be able to get the miles in.
  • Try it out in a short race. At your next short-distance race, try not running with music. See how it feels during a race. Most likely, you’ll like it (I’m biased). It will help you get more in tune with what’s going on during the race. From there, gradually build yourself up til you get to your preferred distance.
  • Make your playlists boring. OK, this probably isn’t the best strategy in the world. But hey, if you are playing boring music, you are less likely to listen to it. Fill your playlist with awful songs and you’ll just want to turn it off. Problem solved.


Do you run with music? Why or why not?

Non-music runners! How did you cut the music cord?

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