I have to tell you a bit more about yesterday’s event. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you saw I got to hang out with every little girl’s idol:

Even though I was only seven, I remember when Kristi Yamaguchi won her gold medal! She is so talented. At the #GreatStarts breakfast yesterday, we got to watch each of the videos about the athletes. There are two more that you HAVE to watch (warning: you need tissues):

Health Calhoun: Alpine Skiing


Amy Purdy: Adapative Snowboarding

Afterwards, we got some time with the athletes to talk about their training and their Great Starts. I spent some time with Sarah Hendrickson, ski jumper. She is also a runner! Super cool. She finds that it is a good way to keep her all around fit. Although I’m sure she doesn’t have too many issues with fitness since she trains 11 months out of the year!

I asked her what her advice is for someone who is following their fitness dream… and her biggest thing was to never give up. Dream it, want it and every action you take will bring you one step closer. I also liked that she mentioned that there will be set backs along the way — but they should be seen as a way to make you stronger and push your limits.

I also spoke with Gretchen Bleiler, the kick-ass snowboarder.

I absolutely love her perspective, which she shows well in her video. I feel the same way — it’s more about focusing on having fun and enjoying your sport than worrying about every little thing. Everything will fall into place that way.

She had a really bad crash that left her with a severe concussion and took her out of the game for a few months. She had some great words of advice when it came to managing your injury — we’ve all been there and especially as runners, it’s hard to take a step back and take the necessary time off. As Gretchen pointed out, this is a good time to focus on yourself and give yourself what you need… embrace it because it’s one of the only times when you can give your body a break.

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Thank you to FitFluential and Kellogg’s for the opportunity to attend!


What are your words of advice for someone following a fitness dream ?

How do you handle an injury? I’m the worst at it and definitely one of those people who tries to run through the pain.

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