Two of my favorite women in fitness, Jamie Walker and Alyse Mason-Brill, have been extremely busy the past few months launching their dream… SweatGuru.



What is it?

SweatGuru is an online system that allows you to book and manage your fitness class reservations. It reminds me a lot of the Open Table system for restaurant reservations — super cool!

Want to take a spin class over lunch? Head to SweatGuru and see what you can find in your area. It provides a full look of different classes in your area, which is awesome if you are ready to try something new or just need to quickly sign up for an exercise fix.


How does it work?

Jamie and Alyse have been working hard over the past few months attracting new companies and businesses to list their classes on the site. With today’s launch, SweatGuru is available to people living in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. They are also working to launch it in other cities across the country. Basically, a fitness professional or company will list their class opportunities on SweatGuru. You, as a fitness lover, will sign on and look at what is around you and register for the class. Done!

SweatGuru also has a rewards system. Just by signing up and attending classes, you get points… and from the points, you can get really cool stuff like Lululemon gift cards!


How can I sign up?

Just visit SweatGuru’s website and you can sign up using your social media account. Today is the official launch, which means things are only going to get more awesome with the service.


Do you love taking fitness classes? Which ones are your favorite?

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