I am still exhausted from yesterday’s race but trying to power through to get all of our packing done… who’s idea was it to plan a move two days after a marathon? Anyone? Hope to have the recap up this afternoon…


Sarah at Creating a Better Tomorrow started a program called Monthly Mailers a few months ago. It’s a really fun way to spread monthly inspiration and motivation across the country! It’s not just open to bloggers, so definitely worth checking it out.

This month I received some extra motivation from Jennifer:

I sent some Hawaiian love to Kim at Racing Bananas.


A big congratulations to reader Katherine, who completed her first half marathon yesterday with a time of 2:22. She started running in April after having to get bladder reconstructive surgery in January after being in an accident. Next up… a full marathon in March!!



CONGRATS, Katherine! You are such an inspiration!


What’s awesome about your Monday today? Tell me an inspirational quote that you’re loving right now!

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