It is hard to believe that today is moving day! It has been a stressful couple of weeks but today we start our adventure in Texas.

When we moved here three years and three months ago, I could never have imagined how amazing our experience was going to be. As I’ve said before, I was one of those “I dreamed about living in NYC since I was a little girl” type of people. And let me tell you, it met every expectation and was a crazy ride. I’ve met some awesome people (Kara, Ashley and Erin, to name a few!) along the way and have learned A LOT about myself.

So you are probably asking why we are saying goodbye to this city that we love so much. While New York City has a certain magic to it, it is also a hard lifestyle to maintain for a really long time. (Kudos to those who live here forever.) Time goes so much faster and it’s hard to find that “me” time like you get in other cities. I really don’t think I’ve been bored once in the past three years… and not like that is a bad thing. But, I am ready to be bored. I am ready to live a slower (does it get much slower than the south?) and easier lifestyle.

When it comes down to it, we’ve done everything we’ve wanted to do since moving here. We experienced the city and everything it had to offer, from Yankees games to concerts in Madison Square Garden and clubs; from running the New York City Marathon (2x) and countless other races; from meeting some transplants and people who were born and raised; from eating at amazing restaurants and having just plain weird experiences that cannot happen anywhere else.

So, thank you New York City. Thank you for everything you’ve given us in the past few years, all the experiences you’ve let us have. After all, this is a “see ya later,” not a goodbye, because we will be back.

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