Yesterday I shared my “see ya later” to the city, and today I want to share 10 things about what it’s like to live in New York City. There were a lot of things, but I’ve narrowed the list down to 10… enjoy!


1. You can be whoever you want to be. Coming from a small town where every move you made was criticized and known by EVERYONE, it was refreshing to come to a city so big that nobody cared what you did. You could ride the subway with purple hair or wear your pajamas, and while you may get a few lingering glances, nobody will say anything. It is just awesome to have the freedom to be yourself.


2. People work a lot. A LOT.


While I worked here, I don’t think there were many weeks that I worked under 50 hours a week. On top of that, my commute was about 45 minutes to one hour each way… so it ended up being really long days. And honestly, I was kind of a slacker compared to my coworkers. It is just crazy to me how much New Yorkers work. They work. All. The. Time. Weekends, holidays, it doesn’t matter if you are in an office environment, you should be planning your days off around a conference call that is inevitably going to come up. There is nothing wrong with working and working hard… but there is definitely a need for work/life balance.


3. Lots of races to choose from. New York City has a really strong running scene, which should be assumed because of the awesomeness of Prospect and Central Parks.

{2010 ING New York City Marathon}

On any given weekend day, you will find  a race to run somewhere in the city. Between NYRR and NYCRUNS, there are ALWAYS races to choose from… which is awesome for you physically but not so much for your wallet.


4. New York City strongly believes in karma. One of my friends told me this before we moved to the city and I really didn’t believe her. Oh, but it’s true. I swear New York City is actually a seeing eye that looks over everyone in the region. When you have a bad day, it’s REALLY bad. When you have an awesome day, it’s likely going to be awesome all the way around. As long as you love the city and don’t backstab it too much, it’ll make sure you are set up for success.


5. The city hardens you. No matter how hard you try, the city will harden you at one point. You will become annoyed with tourists (sorry), you will stop responding to people who try to talk to you on the street. It’s not intentional, it’s just that after awhile you realize if you say something to everybody who says a word to you, you will not get anything done. Most of the time, I was rushing around at 70 mph because I was always late for something, so I didn’t have time to take a step back and slow down. Maybe I should have.


6. Being able to eat anything, at anytime. New York City is known for the wide variety of restaurants… and it’s true! One night you can go eat Ethiopian, the next Mexican and the next Dim Sum. Whatever you want, you are sure to find it here. And too, there is no reason to leave your home to get food. Especially on a rainy or snowy day. You know you’ve turned into a New Yorker when you complain about having to go down the stairs in your apartment building to get your food, because the delivery guy is too lazy/confused/weird to make it up your stairs.


7. Seeing and/or meeting famous people. It is bound to happen… the city is filled with famous people. At some point, you will run into someone famous. It might be someone really famous like Jay-Z or it could be someone mediocre like someone from Real Housewives of New Jersey (who I apparently walked past on the street once and didn’t know, oops). Most excitingly, we saw Pharrell and Kanye West. We also got to meet some awesome people, like Marcus Samuelsson, who is the head chef at Red Rooster (amazing place).

8. Experiencing incredible things. Because it is the best city in the U.S., a lot of companies will debut will really projects here before they go anywhere else. There are opportunities to shop at pop-up shops and attend events before they become “something” in other areas. Fashion Night Out kicked off the first year that we lived here and it was AMAZING. There are incredible events that you won’t find anywhere else (like Aporkalypse, an event where all you did was eat pork and drink beer). Oh, and not to mention that you will probably walk through a TV or movie set filming at some point.


9. You will never be bored. I can honestly say in all the time that we lived here, I was never bored. I always had a million different things that I should have been doing, even though I most likely opted to things that sounded way more interesting. But like #8 says… there are just some opportunities that you can’t miss. 🙂


10. It is an incredible experience. Despite the not-so-good parts, it is an incredible experience to live in this city. After living here, I truly believe that if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.



What’s your favorite thing about where you live?

Have you ever been to New York City before? What did you think about it? 

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