This morning I went for my second run around Lady Bird Lake. This time, I went around the opposite way to check it out and luckily didn’t get lost. I really need to run with my camera or phone at some point so I can show you how beautiful it is. I am not missing my runs in Prospect Park at all because it really is so amazing.



I think I ran about 5.75 miles (one of my goals once we get unpacked is to finally use my Timex watch!) and oh. my. goodness. It was hard.

There are definitely more hills here (which is a good thing, hills are hard but they are fun) but I think overall, I am just out of shape. Like I was really happy when I finally got off the trail and had to stop at a few stoplights. I haven’t felt this way in a really long time so I kinda forgot how much running kinda sucks when you aren’t used to doing it a lot.

Before you tell me I’m crazy since I just ran a marathon, this is what my running has looked like for the past month:

October 6: Wineglass Marathon

October 7-13: Recovery from Wineglass; I think I ran around 5 miles.

October 14-25: Hawaii and Australia! I think I ran about 10 miles total during this entire time.

October 27: 8 miles

October 28-November 1: “Taper” week (from vacation, I guess?). Maybe 10 miles?

November 3: NYC Marathon

November 4-9: 0 miles



I guess I didn’t realize how slacker I’ve become… oops. 🙂 Trying to decide if I should sign up for a half marathon in December? Or wait and build up my fitness to focus on the Houston Marathon?

Despite realizing how out of shape I am, today is an exciting day because I am going to set our menu for the next two weeks and go grocery shopping. Since I now have kitchen counter space that is two times as much as I used to have… it’s going to be epic.


How did you know you weren’t in the best shape? 

What’s your favorite meal to cook? Do you make a menu?

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