Yesterday was a really exciting day. I got up early and went out for an approximately 7.66 run on my new favorite trails only to not feel like garbage for the first time in our new city.


I would say that that is progress! Although I must admit that my legs are still burning. No pain, no gain… right? With the Houston Marathon only 9 weeks away (!!!), I will be sharing my training plan early next week to finally break that elusive 3:30.

Anyways, in honor of my post yesterday about making “one small change,” I started to make one small change for myself this week by tracking my food.


I think I mentioned that I was lazy in the month of October and now it’s time to make a change. Part of this change is eating better and taking accountability. After all, fitness is also made in the kitchen.

This brings up a good question… how many calories should I eat? I know I went through this earlier this year when I went to the nutritionist on my quest to figure out how to eat better to run faster. (In fact, I wrote a post with almost the exact same title. I feel just as clueless as I did back then.) I felt like meeting with the nutritionist was good, I did learn quite a bit but at the same time… I ended up gaining weight when I followed her health plan. I think that I was prescribed too many calories (I believe it was 2,200 per day?).

And using My Fitness Pal, it says I should only eat 1,200 calories per day… which seems way too low. As it shows above, it’s higher on the days that I exercise. Which I agree with… but 1,200 calories for base? Maybe it’s just me, but that just doesn’t seem to be enough.

Nutrition has always been confusing to me. I understand the basics…

fruit > desserts

water > soda

But I cannot grasp how many calories I need for me. I once received some advice that the best way to eat is to act like you are a two-year-old. They only eat when they are hungry. There are days where they will eat three bites and be full, but the next day eat three PB&Js and still be hungry. Could this be a sound methodology?


P.S. Please send some extra love to my favorite creeper a.k.a. Jax as he spends his day at the vet to figure out his mysterious limp.


How did you figure out how many calories to eat a day? Do you believe the “think like a two-year-old” advice?


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