If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you already know that I woke up to the best email ever yesterday morning.


This came as SUCH a surprise. I love entering contests, giveaways, etc. (which is probably why my inbox is overflowing with random junk mail) but seriously, this has to be the biggest one that I’ve won so far! (<– funny to say, considering I’m the one that will be paying nearly $300 for this race… ;))

(Shameless plug: I have an awesome giveaway going on right now that you need to enter!)

Admittedly, I am excited for a chance to return to NYC for the marathon. This year’s race was definitely not the greatest (which was to be expected, don’t get me wrong… I’m happy with what I did given my lack of training!) and I am seeking redemption. Given all the hills and bridges here in Austin, I think I’ll be able to show up with a different fitness level.

Speaking of training in Austin, you are probably wondering how is it going. Oh, you weren’t? I will be telling you anyways.

  • As much as I loved running around Prospect Park, I love running around Lady Bird Lake even MORE. I love how you wind through areas of downtown that make it feel like you are way out in the boonies. At the same time, I love seeing high-rise buildings and knowing that you are in the middle of the city.
  • I have a love-hate relationship with the mostly gravel paths. Hate: because my muscles aren’t strong enough to deal with them. Love: I know that they are just going to make me stronger (and make my legs happy in the process with less pounding on concrete).
  • Oh, and my shoes also have this same relationship.

{dear santa, i need some new running shoes}

  • I love how easy it is to run a variety of distances, all on the same trail. There are all these other trails that shoot off from the main trail. Seriously, I am in trail heaven.
  • As for the weather, it has mostly cooperated since we moved down here. There were a few warm days but they ended up falling on rest days. I know I will be enjoying the cooler weather for the next few months.


This morning I ran about seven-ish miles in some nastily humid and well, I guess what you would expect for weather in Texas.


Tomorrow afternoon it’s supposed to drop into 30s which has me super excited and already planning which hoodie to break out.


Anyone else hoping to run NYC 2014?

Tell me about your last run! What did you love about it, what did you hate about it?
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