The organizers of the Houston Marathon keep reminding me how ridiculously close the race is (I think about 8 weeks away!) so I figured I better start tackling some long runs and some sort of a training plan to get ready for it. I am working on my “official” training plan this weekend so will be sharing it next week if you’re interested. 

This morning I decided to run about 13 miles (came out to 13.25 miles because of a little detour… keep reading). THis is the longest that I’ve run since the NYC Marathon on November 4 and with how my runs have been lately (slow and hard), I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Major bonus: woke up this morning and the “feels like” was 28 degrees! Now I know all you Texans think I’m crazy, but this is PERFECT running weather! Plus, I had some capris from Athleta (thanks to FitFluential!) to try out, and it was the perfect weather for it. 



I added a long-sleeve top and a Bondi band to cover my ears (I know these are supposed to be fashion accessories to be worn to keep your head back, but I find that they were the best way to keep your ears warm in cold but not bitterly cold weather. If I wear a headband, my ears end up getting really hot and sweating… but the fabric of the Bondi band keeps it just right) and was out the door. 

The first few miles were nothing exciting, but when I got to the Barton Springs area (seriously my favorite part of the trail, so beautiful and SO many runners — it makes you feel like everyone in Austin loves running), I was having one of those EPIC moments where you just love running with all your heart and are just so happy. 

I couldn’t stop thinking about how awesome this run was going and how great my legs felt, and how pretty everything around me was. I was seriously just so happy!

At that point, you have to cross the river via bridge and you go on the other side of Lady Bird Lake. Well, after about a quarter mile, there were some workers who told me that I had to go around and couldn’t go on the trail. 

I felt like this ant in the Bug’s Life.



I figured I could just follow another runner to see where they go… but where did they all go?! Suddenly, there was no one around me. Well, I didn’t want to stop running so I decided to cut through this (muddy) field and hit the road that looked like it looped around back to where I could get on the trail. So I’m running along, see the trail again (wahoo!), only to get on it and find out it dead ends. Oops. 

Back on the road. Luckily it is a road that we’ve driven on like two times since we moved here so I had some idea where I was. And suddenly, all the runners were back! They were going THAT way on the trail! I followed them and, crisis adverted, was well on my way back. 

PHEW. My legs were a little tired the last couple of miles, but nothing like I’ve been feeling the past few weeks which is a huge relief. As a reward, I made myself banana pancakes for the first time ever (like guacamole, SUPER easy… why was I so scared to do this?!):


Now it’s time to make something like a seven-layer dip and cheer on my Gophers in the Border Battle against Wisconsin!! 


Have you ever gotten lost on a run before? 

Do you like it when you see lots of other runners on your run or do you like it better when you are flying solo?

Favorite college football team? (I promise we’ll still be friends no matter who you say.)


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