It’s that time of year again! We are less than 30 days away from Christmas (28 to be exact) which means it is time to get your holiday shopping on. 


Here are my favorite things to buy the runner in your life. Or you. Because you deserve it. 🙂


1. Runner’s World Cookbook ($16)



I love LOVE love this cookbook! There are so many delicious and yummy recipes and they are all pretty easy to make, which is even better. I hate when you get a cookbook and there are like 7 recipes that you would actually make. I have tried several recipes out of this book and they are great.


2. FlipBelt ($24.99)

I randomly bought one of these at the Big Sur Marathon expo and liked how it fit. I love that it can be hidden underneath your shirt and it doesn’t move. Plus you can fit a whole bunch of stuff in it!


They are available in a variety of colors so easy to find one that fits any personality you are shopping for.


3. Fitmark ~ Dashing Tote

Fitmark sent me its Dashing Tote to try out and I absolutely love it! It has SO much space and I love that you can still look stylish when carrying it around. 



They have a whole line up of bags that are high quality and have a fashion twist. For the person that has to bring their workout gear with them throughout the day (or lives in NYC, for some reason I always had 12 bags with me and this would have easily consolidated everything to one), this is the perfect gift.


4. Action Wipes (starts at $1.49)

There are times when you don’t have enough time to shower after working out or going for a run… and that’s where Action Wipes come in. They make it easy to clean up when you are running from one place to another.


They measure 9″ x 10″ and are made of all-natural ingredients. You can buy them as singles or in larger packs.


5. Race Bib Bag ($85)

If your runner is anything like me, they keep all of their race bibs… and what a better way to commemorate the history of their races than with a tote bag made of their bibs. 



Of course, you will want to get their permission before stealing their race bibs… so you might want to be sneaky and find out if this is something they would be interested in and give them a gift certificate for the holidays. 


6. Socks (Varies)

Socks are my latest obsession. Having good running socks makes all the differences in the world. I love PRO Compression for compression gear (they always have deals, sign up for their e-newsletter to get coupon codes) and Swiftwick too. Fitsok is another favorite in the running world. 

These brand of socks may seem a little pricey, but honestly, good quality is important when you are pounding out the miles. 


7. Road ID (varies)

Being safe while running is so very important and I think Road ID is a great asset for any runner.


I have the option where you create a profile so if anything would happen to me, the medical team would call the 1-800 number and get details on my emergency contact, address, etc. It gives me the option to update frequently. Road ID also has options where you put your emergency contact’s phone number right on the Road ID, as well as any allergies that you have. And now, they have one for pets! So cool.

There is no better way to say I love you than to give someone something for them to stay safe.


8. The Stick (starting at $27.45)

Yep, this was definitely on my holiday gift guide post last year.


But it is seriously one of the best gifts you can give a runner in your life! Plus it makes a great stocking stuffer. It helps to get rid of all those painful niggles that show up after long runs and races. Mine is right next to my spot on the couch. 🙂 (If you are flying to your holiday destination, best to check your bag with The Stick or to ship it ahead of time. I’ve heard mixed reviews of whether TSA confiscates it.)


9. Jewelry (starting at $30)

There are so many great pieces of jewelry out there for runners. Erica Sara has some amazing designs that I just love, including the Run Necklace, Custom Marathon Dog Tag Keyring and her stackable rings.

I am also in love with this marathon necklace on Etsy:


Great way to commemorate a big accomplishment in 2013!  


10. Race entry (varies)

Do you have a friend who has been talking about a race they really want to run, but haven’t signed up for it yet? Now is your chance to treat them to it! Register for the race and make them a cute little certificate to say you comped their entry. And hey, if its the Zooma Texas Half Marathon on their list, use code TXAMB7 for a special discount.


And now’s your chance to win some of these awesome items for yourself (or to stuff someone else’s stocking!)… see how to enter below. Good luck! 

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