Welcome to another edition of Motivation Monday!



Today is all about attitude. I think that when you make a commitment to living a healthy lifestyle through eating right and exercising, your attitude is a big factor of whether you succeed.

Sure, we all wake up those mornings and think (especially if you are a morning worker-outer) “do I HAVE to?!” Sometimes going for that run or hitting that spin class is the last thing that you want to do. 

Instead of thinking about it as something that you have to knock off your to do list, think of it as an opportunity. You have the opportunity to wake up and go to a spin class. Or, you have the opportunity to put on your running shoes and go for a three mile run. Not everyone has the chance to do this.

Switching your perspective on things can go a long way in your success… and that’s for any area of your life.


So the next time that alarm buzzes in your ear for that 6 a.m. run… take “have” out of your mind and think about how this “opportunity” is great for your day. For me, starting my day with a run means:

  • I can start my day with a clear head, thinking through all those random things on my to do list that I need to get done. 
  • If I choose to sneak an unhealthy bite (or three) later in the day, I won’t feel quite as guilty. 
  • I’m one step to hitting that goal that I know I can achieve. 


What helps you keep a positive attitude? 

Why is working out a great “opportunity” for you?

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