This morning was one of those days where I really did not want to get up and go for a run. I had a seven miler yesterday and for some reason, I was really feeling it this morning. I took my words of wisdom yesterday and got excited about the opportunity to go run. I had five miles on the docket today and also had the chance to try out some new shoes (review coming tomorrow!). 

And the best part of my run was when a woman called me badass. Well, actually, she called me a total badass. That was pretty awesome. On one of those days where you just really aren’t feeling that confident in your ability… a random stranger knows how to add a little pep to your step. 


Part of the reason I am lacking a bit of confidence is because the Houston Marathon Facebook page keeps reminding me how ridiculously close the marathon is. 



I have been training off-and-on since the NYC Marathon, but finally got a training plan into place last weekend. With the holidays in just a few weeks, I know this race will be here before I know it.

Here is what my down and dirty training plan looks like:


I would typically not have such a short training cycle for a race, but after running two marathons this fall, moving and just life… it needs to be done. I feel like I can do it though since I am already in {ok} shape after NYC Marathon. 

Is it going to be a PR? I’m not sure. Do I want it to be a PR? Of course! Only time will tell…


How was your workout this morning? What did you do?

What’s the best compliment a stranger has ever paid you?

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