It is hard to believe that our epic vacation was already nearly a month and a half ago. 

And I realized the only thing I shared with you is Hawaii. Let me tell you, there were a lot of other amazing parts to this trip. 

Like running in Sydney.

I have a confession, though. When I go on vacation, I am the worst runner ever. I try to use the hotel’s gym… but I get a little lazy in a foreign land. I do like to try to run outside and experience it through a runner’s perspective.

I spent two days in the gym in Sydney and decided to venture out and run. From what we saw,  it looked like people in Sydney LOVED to run. When we were walking around over lunch, there were runners everywhere! It was so inspiring. People in groups, people running solo… just people running!

The next morning, I woke up early-ish and headed out. Luckily since it was their spring, it was nice and cool — just how I like it. I started by cutting through Hyde Park. 


And continued my way to the Botanic Gardens (which C told me this weekend had a sign that said no running… oops). 




From there, I continued along the waterfront for some spectacular views of downtown. 



Which led me to these stairs…


The runners we saw were flying up these stairs. Me? Not so much. I learned that running stairs in the middle of a run is hard. Which means it’s an excellent workout! 

I did enjoy the view at the top. 



So there you have it, my rave run while in Sydney.

While we were there, I looked up to see what races were going on and there were a lot of good ones. One of these days I will race while on vacation… I just think that sounds like so much fun! 


Do you run in the hotel gym or outdoors when on vacation?

Where is the best place you’ve ever run?


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