I wish I could claim the creativeness of the title for this post as mine, but sadly, I stole it from a sign that I saw along the running trails here in Austin. It was placed conveniently midway up the huge hill that you have to climb… and it made me laugh to myself. Such a classic saying.

Although I think the “laughing moment” of the morning was won by Santa, who was paddleboarding along the Colorado River. It is moments like this when I really wish I ran with a camera. It was seriously one of the best sights on the morning. 

When I woke up this morning for my 20 miler, I saw this posted on Houston Marathon’s Facebook wall:

crazyrunninggirl.houmarathon-36days[I do like the inspiration behind the picture]


I really need to stop following them on Facebook because they just keep reminding me how behind on training I feel for this marathon. This morning was my first 20 miler. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, especially since I skipped last weekend’s long run due to foot pain (new shoes = no foot pain! yay!). Anyways, I fueled up with an English muffin, one-half natural peanut butter, other half margarine and apricot jam. 

I haven’t really explored Austin more than the Town Lake running trail, which is quite awesome and filled with lots of hills. I know, hills in Texas, weird? 

I decided to do a few loops to get my 20 miles in. I did one big loop, one 2/3 loop and then a really small section to finish it off. Sadly, when I mapped it, my calculations were off a bit so it says I only ran 19.20 miles. I can round up, right? Or maybe I should just throw on the running gear again to get that last .80 miles. 

Anyways, I thought I would show you the elevation chart for this run (I really like using Running Map vs. MapMyRun — I used to use MapMyRun all the time, but it got too heavy and slow with all the ads they run):



No wonder why my glutes are so sore. Only makes you stronger, right? 

Now it’s time to get ready for the day, we are busy with Christmas and motorcycle shopping, and holiday partying. Woo woo. 

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Have you ever not spent enough training for a race? How did it go?

How are you spending your Saturday?



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