It is hard to believe that it has already been well over a month since we moved down to Texas from New York City. I figured that this is more than enough time to give you an idea of how our lives have changed in Austin. 

Well, for starters, the weather is absolutely crazy down here. This pretty much sums it up:


I knew that it got chilly down here in the winter time, but I never realized that a) it got that chilly and b) that it fluctuated as much as it does. You never know what you are going to get when you wake up in the morning! But I seriously love that I still get to wear my winter jackets and of course, my cold-weather running gear!




Grocery shopping is enjoyable again. I used to hate going grocery shopping in NYC. It was always really stressful because half the time, our neighborhood grocery store didn’t have the ingredients I was looking for… so it resulted in a lot of modified recipes. 

And the prices. The prices were so ridiculous on some things. I will no longer have to smuggle Minute Rice in my suitcase every time I go back to Wisconsin, something that C is really happy about. 


Time moves so much slower. I swear that there really is such a thing as a New York minute because time used to fly by up there. You can get so much more done in a day compared to New York City.

I remember getting home from work and not even having the time (or energy) to open my mail until the weekends. And on the weekends, opting to not do everything because you just couldn’t fit it in. I still find that I don’t think we have enough time to do things, when really we do… because it literally takes 15 minutes, no an hour and a half. 


My leg muscles don’t know what’s going on because running is tough. I didn’t realize what I was getting into. Remember this elevation chart from this weekend’s 20 miler?



Yeah, I had no idea. Again, people told me it was hilly here but I was like yeah, whatever, hilly for Texas. So not true! There are some sweet roads that I’ve driven on that would make for some amazing hill training routes. 

And speaking of running, I can use a GPS again! OK, no one in New York ever told me I couldn’t use a GPS but it took so darn long to get the satellites, I just gave up. I didn’t have time for that. But now, I’m able to do it! Woo woo! I think this is exactly what I need to get that PR I’m gunning for.

crazyrunninggirl.timex-watch{this is my busted version which timex replaced for FREE! so awesome!} 


Lastly, people are so nice. It is so weird to have people open doors for you or just randomly strike up a conversation in a store. The first few times when we went grocery shopping and attendants asked us if we were finding everything alright, I kept telling C that we must look lost. He said no, that’s just people being nice.


There are of course a million other things that I am enjoying about life down here (more space! cheaper rent! a car! crafting stores!), but those are the main highlights.{not to mention room for a full-size christmas tree! our first one since… 2006?}


Of course, there are some things that I miss in NYC. There always will be. I think whenever you move from anywhere, no matter how ready you are to go, there will be things that will be missed. But there will always be time to visit and enjoy those things. So far, I’m enjoying this chapter in our lives and I can’t wait to continue exploring (and finding more delicious Tex-Mex). 


Have you ever made a big move before? How long did it take you to adjust?

What’s your favorite thing about where you live?


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