Ashley over at Running Bun posted a link-up for favorite moments of 2013. I love this idea! Even though every year has its ups and downs, it is far better to focus on all the amazing things that happened throughout the year. 

This year was pretty eventful… with lots of awesome races, great adventures and lots of laughter along the way. 

It started in January with the Houston Marathon. I didn’t PR, but I did get a BQ so that was good enough for me. Plus it was a really fun race despite that rain… I cannot say enough about how much I love this race!



In February, we went skiing to Stowe, Vermont for the third year in a row. This has become one of my favorite weekends… even though we aren’t master skiers, it’s so fun to pretend that we are for one weekend out of the year.



in April, Boston came… and it turned out to be a defining moment in my life. It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting (none of us were), and it has changed my perspective on life forever. Although it wasn’t a favorite moment of my year, completing the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge with an awesome trip to the West Coast. I bawled as I crossed the finish line and it was therapeutic.



My entire family (C included!) ran the Packers 5k this summer… my nephew and I ran the entire race together and he finished with an 8:30/average pace per mile. INCREDIBLE. I was so proud of him and now really hope he becomes interested in joining cross country.



I quit my awful, no good very terrible job where I was told that I was “too happy.”

We went on a traveling binge. To North Carolina



crazyrunninggirl.minneapolis2{the site of our first date 10 years ago… awww :)}












I PRed at the Wineglass Marathon. I told you 13 was my lucky number — this was my 13th marathon!



We made the decision to move to Austin, TX. Before embarking on our cross-country trek, I ran the NYC Marathon as a final farewell to the city. It was incredible… in the way of being able to say farewell to the city of my dreams, rather than the race itself. I ate wayyy too much in Sydney, so it was quite painful. Can’t you tell? 🙂

lora_nyc marathon


Three cheers to a wonderful 2013… and an even better 2014! New city, new home, new life… it will be a year focused on figuring out our place in our new city and enjoying it all along the way. 


What were your favorite moments of 2013?

Did you knock anything off your bucket list this year?

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