So yesterday I wrote about all of the amazing moments of 2013. There were a lot of them! Overall, I would say it was a good year. Maybe I would rate it as a solid B?

While there were some awesome moments… there were some moments that weren’t so awesome.

I spent most of the year trying to figure out my stomach issues. A nutritionist told me I needed to eat 2,000+ calories a day, which led to some weight gain. I tried The Plan, and ended up quitting. The good thing though is that in the process, I learned that dairy and my stomach do not get along. So (fingers crossed), I think I finally solved the problem! (<— definitely a good start to 2014!)

I hoped for a few big PRs throughout the year, and didn’t get them. I’m disappointed. But honestly, I didn’t put the work in. What do you expect when you run without a watch or do any speedwork sessions? <— Big changes here in 2014. 

My goal setting for the year wasn’t that smart, to be honest. I thought it would be fun and awesome to set 13 goals for 2013. Of course!



So let’s talk about the good… the goals that I did accomplish. 

Run 6 marathons

I’m counting this one. I ran 5:


And, I am totally counting moving across the country as a marathon. That does count, right?


Try Korean BBQ

Ooh yes! We did finally get to do this, a few times actually. We found this amazing little restaurant in NYC that we would order in from on those nights when cooking just wasn’t sounding like an option. I really liked it! Even if it was a bit spicier than I was ready for. 


Crochet an elephant

See… I did a really good job at all the non-workout goals. I finally crocheted an elephant, too! It turned out super cute and was fun to do along the way.




Invent a new recipe at least once a month

I half-achieved this goal. Here are the yummy new recipes I came up with this year:


So yeah… that’s my half-assed goal achieving self for the year. The goals I didn’t achieve include:

  • Knit a sweater
  • Run an “adventure” run
  • Do a 10-minute plank
  • Sign up for an international marathon to run in 2014
  • Watch Star Wars
  • Go to four fitness classes
  • Show the kettlebell some love at least once a week
  • Learn to control my emotional eating
  • Become more organized


Let’s just say the most important thing I learned from the year was how to set reasonable, achievable goals… instead of a bunch of random ideas that set you up for failure. Now to figure out 2014 goals… and no, there will not be 14 of them. đŸ™‚


How did you do on your goals/resolutions for 2013?

Do you have any goals/resolutions for 2014? What are they?


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