Christmas came flying up faster than I’ve ever experienced in my life. I feel like I’ve been so unprepared for this year’s holiday season! If you are like me and stuck doing some last-minute shopping or not sure if your gifts will make it across the country in time (*fingers crossed*), and you hate giving gift cards, this is for you. 



The best 10 last-minute gift ideas for anyone on your list.

  • Print out a favorite picture of you at your local Target/Walmart/Walgrees/anywhere with an in-store photo printer and said gift receiver, pop it in a frame, and done. Sentimental plus not that expensive.
  • Buy them a subscription to Bulu Box. With my super awesome discount code (BULUGAN961), you can get them a year subscription for just $60 or a six-month for $30! It’s the gift that keeps giving all. year. long. 
  • That being said, there are lots of subscription service options that you can look into. My favorites: Postcard Workouts (monthly workout delivered straight to your door), Julep (monthly nail polish subscription) and Fabletics (monthly workout clothes subscription). All of these give them a great gift and you can buy it right now, without them knowing that you waited until the last-minute to get their gift.
  • Homemade cookies of treats! Create a gift basket with all of your favorite types of cookies and goodies.
  • Create an I.O.U. coupon book (this has an extra cute factor when from kids). I.O.U.’s like “15 minutes of alone time” or “John has kitchen duty” are a pleasant surprise and fun for the entire family.
  • Go homemade! SITS Girls has an amazing list of 10 really easy ideas. Pinterest is a good source, too! Some of them are complicated, but there are a lot of really quick and easy ideas.
  • Create a baking gift basket. Buy a rolling pin, cute cookie cutters, pot holders, spatula and whisk and put it all in a mixing bowl. BAM, a fun and creative gift!
  • Buy them a race entry (and buy one for yourself, so it’s a good activity for you both to enjoy!) and stuff the race confirmation in their stocking.
  • Gift them a magazine subscription (most of them will let you print off a gift certificate, or you can create your own!).
  • Make a snow day kit. Hot chocolate, mugs, real marshmallows and a cozy blanket. 


Anyone else a slacker shopper this year?

What are some of your favorite last-minute gift ideas?

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