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The Christmas holiday, which is less than two days away (eek!), brings a lot of fun and holiday memories. At the same time, it’s BUSY and filled with lots of calories. For your fitness and exercise goals, this can mean disaster.



Of course, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a little holiday fun over the next few days. By being careful, you can avoid those little holiday bombs. 



1. Drink water. There are so so so many benefits to drinking water. It helps to cleanse your system, keep your skin looking beautiful and energize your muscles. Beyond that, it is a good way to cut calories because it keeps you feeling full so you eat less. 

2. Follow Jillian Michaels’ three bites rule. OK, it’s really hard to avoid all those delicious sweets… especially those yummy sugar cookies. I love Jillian’s rule that you can eat sweets and other foods that are not-so-good for you as long as you only take three bites. That should kill your craving and give you the taste you were looking for. This works for drinks too… just three sips of that egg nog will save a lot! Once you’ve done that, see #1. 😉

3. Bring your own food. Well, you don’t want to look like a huge jerk if someone is hosting a gathering and you insist on bringing your own foods. But you could bring a festive vegetable tray or some healthy dessert options (like these yummy gingerbread cookies) and then you can still indulge with some safe foods.

4. Squeeze in a workout. Even if you can’t get in your full run or exercise routine at the gym, doing a little makes a big difference. And, it doesn’t even have to be a traditional workout. Go outside with the kids and have a snowball party, or shovel some know. In warmer climates, throw around a football or go for a walk with your family. Something is better than nothing.

5. Cut the stress. As fun as the holidays can be, they can also be stressful. Just let it go. Most likely you are stressing over something you can’t control. Relax and just enjoy the moments as much as you can. Less stress = better health. 


How do you stay healthy over the holidays?

Tips for squeezing in a workout on busy family days?

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