Happy Christmas Eve!

Every holiday is filled with traditions and one of my favorites are all those surrounding Christmas. This is actually the first Christmas that I won’t see my family (C and I decided to alternate years) so it’s a little different, but definitely in a good way. Plus must I say a little odd not to be surrounded by snow?  This is the first year we’ve had a Christmas tree (one that isn’t tabletop sized) since 2006. 

crazyrunninggirl.2013-christmas-tree{jax the photobomber}


That is a sad fact. But, this is definitely going to be a new holiday tradition — getting a fresh Christmas tree each year and decorating it with ornaments that have meaning. 

crazyrunninggirl.koala-ornament{crocheted in honor of our trip to australia}


Speaking of that… A new tradition that I started a few years ago was remembering all the great moments of the year and creating an ornament for it.

2011 favorite memories.


I missed last year, but am working on this year’s… I will have to share it once it’s done… 🙂

One of my favorite traditions that my friend Amanda and I started like a decade ago? was to hang out with each other on Christmas Eve Eve. We’ve recruited some friends to join us along the way, but usually it’s us two catching up on life and having a good time. 

IMG_0892{2011 fun}


This year, we decided to recreate it in Austin.   



{and I don’t think this will become a tradition, but Santa brought us an early gift!}    



Another fun tradition my mom has done since we were little is give us pajamas… it’s the one gift we can open on Christmas Eve (and then we sleep in them that night). So fun! Do you guys do this at all?

Of course, there isn’t enough time in the world to make enough holiday cookies or watch all the holiday movies… but you can try. My favorite is making sugar cookies (even though I think I eat more dough than anything) –> FYI they must be stored outside/in a cold environment to taste the best.

And my favorite holiday movies are “Elf” and “This Christmas.” Oh, and of course any movie in the Santa Clause series.   


What are you favorite family traditions?

Are you starting any new traditions this year?


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