Admittedly, I wasn’t that happy with how I did with my 2013 goals. I think I was too ambitious and set myself up for failure. Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement, though!

We did have a fun year and did a LOT of fun stuff! We traveled to lots of new places and enjoyed our last few months in New York a TON. One of my favorite photos from the year is one that was taken in Asheville, NC when we went there for a wedding. We spent the morning hiking in the mountains, and it was absolutely beautiful!




Anyways, here’s to making 2014 even better! I am so excited to see what this year has to bring. 

So, I’ve been thinking about my goals/resolutions. Instead of making more than I can count on my fingers, I’ve decided to stick with 5 main goals.



1. PR in every distance.

I have been focused on the marathon for a few years… which there is nothing wrong with that. That is my favorite distance after all! I was able to PR at Wineglass Marathon in October. 



But I think it would be fun to try to PR in every distance this year. 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon. It would give me a reason to race different distances and broaden my workouts. 


2. Strengthen and stretch.

That being said, I need to really work on more than just running. Running is my first love, of course, but I need to spend at least five minutes a day working on something else. Stretching, strengthening… something. So that is my goal — build up muscles through other workouts. Strengthening and stretching = a stronger runner.


3. Read one book a month.

This is a sad, sad, SAD goal. I used to read SO much. But life got in the way. Well, and cheesy little games on my phone like Candy Crush. I want to make it a priority to read at least one book a month… one new book that is. I’ve thought about creating an online book club (anyone interested?), and have also found one down here to go to with one of my friends. Either way, I will be reading more. I am ashamed to even admit how many books that I read this year…


3. Continue to embrace my craftiness.

One of the things that I missed in NYC was crafting. I don’t think I can really blame it on NYC as a whole, but it was just hard to get to a store to buy supplies and life was just so crazy that there wasn’t much time to spend doing the crafty things that I like to do. 

This year, I want to get caught up on scrapbooking (I am FOUR years behind… #embarrassing) and also continue to get better at knitting/crocheting. Remember last year’s goal to knit a sweater? That would be awesome to make that happen this year. 


4. Get in a better financial state.

This year, I have big goals to save big and say goodbye to some of those friends named Capital One and Bank of America (real friends don’t charge you for borrowing money, right? :)). 

I found this on a blog and I love the idea behind it.



It makes saving money seem so EASY. I want to do this, and just see things get better on my master Excel spreadsheet dedicated to all things money.


5. Learn how to disconnect.

I am AWFUL at always being online or on my phone or something. I need to do a better job at disconnecting and just spend time in the moment, instead of reading random stuff on the Internet. It’s harder and harder to do that today since everything seems to be done on a computer, but I am going to try to make this a priority this year.


What are your goals for 2014?

Anyone taking a different approach to goal-setting this year?


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