I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas with your families! And are ready to tackle the last two days of 2013 and say hello to 2014!

Which brings me to the next topic of Motivation Monday



how to set smart resolutions! Last year, the University of Scranton did a study that found that approximately 40 percent of Americans set New Year’s Resolutions… and only 8 percent actually meet them. 

Yep, I was part of the percent that did not meet them last year. But I learned a big lesson! And this year is going to be different. 

The number one thing I learned about setting New Year’s Resolutions is to be realistic. Going from 0 to 60 is only easy when you are driving a car. 



Other things I learned this year:

  • Keep it simple. Sure, you’d love to try running [a mud/obstacle/color/etc. run]. Going specific on your goal is good in certain instances — and this isn’t one of them. You can’t control your schedule or your commitments throughout the year so unless you already know exactly what’s going to happen, saying you are going to run one certain race can be no bueno. Instead, leave it open… say you’ll run an adventure race. That way, you give yourself 365 days of opportunity instead of 1. 
  • Give yourself a range. I read today that people are more likely to be successful when they set themselves a high-low range for a goal rather than a specific number. For instance, instead of saying that you are going to lose 10 pounds, say that you will lose between 9-12 pounds. That gives you a better chance of meeting your goal rather than hitting one number.
  • Don’t overdo it. Last year I set 13 goals. You know, it sounded cool to go for 13 goals in 2013. Umm yeah, bad idea. It was overwhelming and I didn’t know where to focus my efforts. I would have been better off with just a handful that I could focus on (hence this year’s goals). I definitely learned my lesson! That being said, don’t try to change everything about your life just because it is a New Year. One small change in one area of your life can make a world of difference. Focus on that.
  • You can always do more. It makes sense that a New Year is a perfect time of year to set resolutions to better yourself and your life. But you can always go for more during the year. Wouldn’t it feel awesome to accomplish your New Year’s Resolution by April and be ready to tackle something else? Once you get on a roll, you won’t want to stop. So give yourself a chance to succeed and momentum to build from. 


Now it’s your turn to share… What are your resolutions for the New Year? What are YOUR tips for setting smart resolutions?


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