Maybe you’ve noticed that I haven’t been talking a lot about my own running adventures lately. Which may seem odd since the Houston Marathon is less than three weeks away (!!!). 

Well, I’m finally admitting it.

I’m injured.




My last test was on Christmas Eve. I ran 7ish miles and it was no bueno. Basically my hamstring has been bothering me since this summer? and I was really smart and ignored it. So now it has turned into runner’s knee. AKA pain on the kneecap due to tightened hamstrings/quad muscles.

So, I took off until yesterday, when I decided to go for about 3.5 miles. I thought things were good, I spent a lot of time with my BFF over the holidays:



And things are not good. It definitely isn’t as painful as it was, but definitely not ready to run that 17 miler I had pushed back til today. I am hoping that I can at least get better enough to run 20 miles this Saturday, as my last long run before the Houston Marathon. 

Until then, I will be spending a lot of time doing this. 



And some QT with this. 


(This is the Enso Foam Roller from EvoFit and it is amazing. I was on my normal everyday foam roller, rolling out my IT Band and didn’t feel a thing. I was wincing in pain with this… which is a good thing, really. It retails for almost $100 but it is well worth every dime.)


I have never dealt with an injury this close to a marathon and it is slightly freaking me out. Living with a physical therapist definitely helps (yay for getting ideas for exercises/stretches) but I have realized my stubbornness in the fact that I just don’t want to quit running. But I will take a “holiday vacation” for a few more days and tell myself it’s a good thing… and that I’m just getting a head start on my 2014 goals, right!?


When’s the last time you dealt with an injury? How long did it take to get over it? 

Have you ever gone into a race with an injury? Any tips for survival?

RANDOM: What are you doing for New Year’s Eve?



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