For many people, a new year = a clean slate, an opportunity to start fresh. 

There’s no reason why it shouldn’t! Shedding the skin of last year and whatever came with it (good and bad) is a great feeling. Knowing that you have 12 fresh months in front of you and an opportunity to do big things is AWESOME!

It can also be overwhelming. After all, where do you even start?

Some people say go big or go home. 

That in order to make it your best year, you need to shoot for the stars and go for it. 

Sometimes shooting for the stars is nothing more than taking one step forward. Making things better one step at a time… so your journey to the stars has started. Once you’ve done that, you can create momentum and propel yourself to wherever you need to go. 

Take running, for example. If you want to run a marathon but don’t run at all, this can seem like an impossible task… but it’s not! Signing up for a marathon three months from today, well, that would be shooting for the stars. And most likely setting yourself up for disaster.

Instead, focus on taking one step forward to reaching that goal. Start working out. Start running. Once you’ve got that under control, take the next step forward and train for a smaller race. Dominate that 10k? Now it’s time to find a marathon in six months that you can train for. 

That is how you shoot for the stars, and that is how you dream big. 




How are you planning on making 2014 your best year?

What small step are you making today for a better you?

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