Thank YOU for all of your amazing comments and support… being injured sucks, but you guys make it a little better. I am going to try for a short run tomorrow so *fingers crossed.*

The hardest part is the fact that it is the PERFECT running weather in Austin right now:



OK, real Texans may not agree with me but I LOVE running in this weather. It keeps my Midwestern blood happy. 

This is only the third significant injury I’ve had from running. My first, which happened a few years ago, was because I was dumb and kept running on it. I had shin splints (bad shoes), and since I was stubborn and kept running… ended up being sidelined for two months instead of a few weeks (the pain was so bad that I could feel it throbbing when I was sitting… yeahhh). I had to cancel the marathon I was planning on running and seriously had moments that I was never going to be able to run again. 

Then in early 2012, I had that really fun IT band issue… which again was because of shoes. 

So this time, I’m trying to learn from those experiences and working on staying positive. It isn’t the end of the world. Even though it feels like it is, especially when you go on Instagram and read about everyone’s awesome runs (especially you in that snowy wonderland… #jealous).

Instead, I’m focusing on…

*Rocking my resolution to stretch/strengthen. This is a really good excuse to do that. I am working on hip strength and am embarrassed to tell you how weak they are. Tonight I am going to a class with Camp Gladiator, which sounds like it will be a good cross-training exercise. I might be the only one because of said weather… 🙂

*Cleaning up after Christmas. So sad to see all of the Christmas decorations get put away for another year. Especially since now we have no excuses to finally hang our pictures and be officially all moved in.

*Spending time in the kitchen! Cooking/baking is a perfect excuse not to focus on an injury. I spent some time making these cute little apple pies for New Year’s Eve…


…and last night, broke out the Runner’s World Cookbook again to make this Thai Beef Stir Fry (I made it earlier in the week for lunch with chicken… yeahh, slightly obsessed).



*Writing. I’ve been busy over at Examiner with lots of fun writing projects. For Austinites, I wrote an article about the 10 best races to run this year (seriously want to run that gorilla race, how awesome does that sound?!)… and for anyone with a healthy living goal, there is a NEW tool that launched today in the U.S. called Fitbook, which sounds pretty cool. It’s one step above the other diet/exercise trackers because you can set and track your progress for your goals. 


And now I think it’s time for a Friends marathon (I swear I laugh outloud at least once at every episode). P.S., have you seen “We’re the Millers“? It was surprisingly really funny and good (we watched it on NYE), and I didn’t even think of Jennifer Aniston as Rachel once in the movie (which rarely happens). 


What do you focus on to stay positive? Favorite non-running activities?

FRIENDS fans: Favorite episode/season/character?


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