Sooo after yesterday’s #fail of a run, C the PT said that if I were a real patient of his, he would say if you can’t complete a run over the weekend, then it’s time to consider pulling out of the race. This means that tomorrow and/or Monday’s run MUST be good otherwise this is going to have to be something I have to seriously consider. 

lolcatz sad face


I know it’s not the end of the world. There are bigger problems in life. In a year… this will be a situation that I learn from.

And it’s probably the best thing to do… I think what happened, was that I was so excited to run in Austin that I didn’t think about the change in terrain (gravel vs. pavement) and the fact that there are so many hills. So that means my muscles got really angry. And I haven’t given them a chance to recover.

So, my question for you… have you ever DNS a race? What was the moment that made you make that decision? 

And lastly, how did that make you feel? (I already know race day would be miserable if that was the fact… whether we are in Houston or not.)

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